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Who Is Geoff

Any time we try to hold onto something beyond its expiration, it becomes stale - yet on the other hand, when we nurture something through resistance it blossoms. My life has contained many lessons around this, the wisdom arises once we know which ones are worth the investment.

Over the years there have been many manifestations of “Geoff”. The current one still likes to evolve and explore new concepts and ideas, realising that once we become attached to any singular concept we become rigid and unable to adapt to change itself.

That’s not to say there aren’t a few foundation morals which I abide by. I like to be trustworthy, yet know there have been times I have not been; I like to be considerate and kind, yet there are times my actions don’t appear to resonate with that. The more time I spend in this collection of flesh, bone, organs and mind, the more experience I have with pain, laughter, sadness, pleasure and so much more. It simply doesn’t end, no matter what we try to manifest for ourselves, the Universe has its own agenda and we sometimes get swept along by its musings despite our best intentions and actions… reminding us that we’re truly not in control, and this is my reminder.

We’re not in control.

Yet what we do have, is choice.

So, in order to be true to myself in 2008, I left corporate life and knew that I had to explore the depths of choice itself.

My Yoga path had begun many years prior and had periods of intense focus and periods of casual acquaintance, yet it was always there. Like so many others who have found Yoga, its philosophy gave words to the innate awarenesses that were already there, yet not able to be clearly expressed.

Beginning in my pre-teen years I was fascinated by solitude and silence which I’d later understood to be akin to meditation. Like many kids, a fascination with martial arts led me to seek the physical and mystical prowess it promised… Yet I wasn’t attracted to the physical harm and a chance encounter with Yoga opened doorways that had previously been out of sight.

The last 30+ years has allowed me to explore many different styles of Yoga, Dao, Tantra and more. I’ve honestly forgotten more than I’ve learned, yet the teachings of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and some of the Shaivism Tantra texts have resonated deeply into my Being.

It’s the awareness that life truly delivers a smorgasbord of flavours and experiences, many of them as I’ve already mentioned, beyond our control. Yet given the focus and awareness we can identify patterns and regulate and aid in the influence of the outcome. This world has many examples of where these influences lead to authority and control over groups or individuals. I'd decided many years ago that I’d seek to share what limits our personal awareness and achieve personal liberation through sharing the practices of Yoga and Tantra.

In previous iterations of myself I was an investor, a business analyst and manager of people. I was good at these things, yet it felt hollow and unfulfilling even though it brought financial reward.

So sharing the teachings and continually exploring the vast layers of Self exhibited through this Universe has become my task.

That and surfing. And travelling. And simply celebrating presence

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After having read this Bio, I knew, why I just love to practice and work with you, Geoff! What a humble, deep, honest and truthful Biography! Thank you from my heart that I may co-partner and walk with you and other Souls on their Yoga Teacher paths with their Souls on their paths towards Sukha. Sending light and love, Kinga

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