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Hybrid Asana LAB Retreat, Uluwatu - Bali

Asana LAB Online (in your time) and In-Person Retreat in Bali, May 15-18th, 2024

Upskill and increase your knowledge of Yoga Asana poses with a highly renowned global teacher all within the enchanting backdrop of Bali.

The online portion is completed in your own time. We then meet at a luxury retreat centre where we ensure that the fullest intentions of the Asana practice are understood, comprehended and FELT. Geoff is Yoga Alliance certified at the highest level and it's a YACEP approved course. Perfect for those wanting to further their Asana skills, looking for a YTT short course, get a solid grounding of their practice, or simply intimately comprehend the bodies movement and energetic flow.

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Limited Time

Lead by Geoff Brooks

A series of pre-recorded videos shot in real time with a student who is also going through the process with Geoff & other specific fine tuned instructional videos

In Person:
May 15th 10:00 - May 18th 14:00 (3 day retreat)

@Salty Prana Retreat Center Uluwatu, BALI


Online and In-Person Tuition, Accomodation, Brunch, Yoga Props, Sauna, Ice Bath, Pool, Sweeping Panoramic Views, Daily Coconut

Share Room 2-3 persons - US$990 per person

Couples Private Room - US$1690 

Single Private Room - US$1490


The intention of providing the online component is three fold. To;

  • provide consistent, high quality, tuition in your own time and space

  • ensure every participant is at the same level of comprehension and skill when we collect as a group

  • practice, pause, rewind and repeat as many times as you need in order to fully embody the teachings

The Online Experience

The videos are a blend of philosophy relating to and techniques for, the Asana. Just as importantly, we explore the basic physiology of movement and how we allow energy, as Prana, to be experienced in the body, as embodiment, and then turn this into the Asana.


In the videos I take a student through the process for the first time, meaning that you experience this in a 'real time' scenario, where the student is a reflection of yourself, being curious and exploring the instruction anew.

Why Should You join this Asana Retreat

  • All inclusive retreat allowing you to switch off and tune in to the teaching

  • Online in your own time and in person at a Yoga retreat centre in Uluwatu, Bali

  • New retreat centre designed specifically for Yoga and wellness retreats

  • Suitable for all Yoga levels and practices as it focuses on the fundamentals of movement and intention

  • A highly refined short course developed by a Yoga Master with 35+ years of practice and almost 20 years of teaching.

  • A systematic approach to becoming not just aware of Yoga posture, yet also learning efficient and effective movement for life

  • Asana LAB allows the novice to become proficient and the more experienced to advance at a rapid and safe pace.

  • Starts just after Spirit Fest, so ideal timing if you're already in Bali

InPerson Daily Schedule Example

Morning Session

Afternoon Session

Evening Session

  • Sadhana (practice) with short break followed by;

  • Specific focus on and/or philosophy, intention or action

  • Review Online components relating to each session

"LAB" - hands on practice and exploration of the Asana

  • "Satsang" - an open dialogue of the days learnings and applications, feedback and discussion (an invaluable tool)

  • Gentle Practice - Restorative with Pranayama and mindfulness focus in order to receive the practice from another (and nurturing) perspective.



Training sessions, masterclasses and workshops all over the globe


Salty Prana Retreat Center, Uluwatu


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Geoff Brooks


Yoga Trainer & Educator 📿

E-RYT 500


Byron Bay, Australia 2024 April

Ubud, Bali 2023 Dec - 2024 Apr

Europe 2024 May- Nov


"Live from your centre"


Yoga is a template designed for you to maintain connection with your true nature, and so the teacher has a responsibility to be a guide in order to assist you in achieving this.


While I teach and enjoy teaching all styles to all levels, ultimately I'm a Teacher's Teacher.


I believe the true hallmark of a teacher is to be relatable, personable and most importantly to contain a wealth of knowledge obtained from studying a variety of styles over a period of many years.


Ultimately I teach primarily according to the Yoga Sutras and utilise a variety of styles and 

techniques in order for the true purpose of Yoga to be experienced.


Years of practice: 30

Years teaching: 11







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