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Meditating on the Beach

Peace Within: Pranayama & Meditation
Retreat, Uluwatu - Bali

Pranayama and Mindfulness, 5 day breath and meditation retreat. Uluwatu, Bali. 10-14th May 2024

"...the journey to inner peace starts with acceptance and is guided by Love. You do the work, I'm simply a guide..." - Geoff

The practices of Breath and Mindfulness draw us closer to the Truest Intention of Yoga - connection with our SELF.
This retreat is exactly that... a nurturing journey into your deepest self.
We use the tools of Pranayama, as breath and energy flow, and mindfulness to create clarity and calm. Yet it's the highly skilled, observant teaching that I provide which allows you to achieve Peace Within.
Your journey is all inclusive and set at a retreat centre dedicated to Yoga and Wellness, which has a luxury feel and allows me to say that I truly believe it's the best breath and meditation retreat in Bali.
We also prepare the body with some restorative Yoga which gives us the ability to find comfort to Sit and be more relaxed for our journey.

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Limited Time
Quick Guide

  • A nurturing break where you can take the benefits of the experience with you.

  • Includes all tuition, props for practice, one daily meal and light snack (to keep the mind and body clear), luxury accommodation and one balinese massage.

  • You will be guided through techniques with a skilled professional who has over 30 years experience and is highly attuned to subtle nuance and nurture, allowing you to experience "Peace Within"

  • Our delivery, tips and techniques give you the ability to take the experience home with you, yet this is the only time it happens in Bali.

  • Open to all levels of practitioner as Geoff has a canny ability to make even the most novice meditator feel included.


What you will get by Joining this retreat?

  • You will learn and practice techniques which allow you to embody your own personal sense of self nurture and relaxation. 

  • It is designed to incorporate intermittent fasting (a substantial brunch being your included meal) in order for your body to release more than physical tension, by relieving itself of unneeded excesses. We advise high fluid uptake to flush the system and detox the digestive tract.

  • Reduce stress

  • Provide us with coping strategies for trauma, 

  • As well as lowering blood pressure and relieving anxiety.

  • Awaken the body in a supportive and graceful, nurturing way, we embody and empower ourselves to the extent that we find inner peace, clarity and calm. This is the philosophy around...

The retreat is set at Salty Prana Retreat Center, Uluwatu

  • Salty Prana Retreat Center is a dedicated Yoga and Wellness resort.

  • Appointed with high quality luxury fittings 

  • It is set amongst idyllic nature with sweeping panoramic ocean views.

  • It has two Yoga studios

  • Ocean views 

  • Pool, sauna and ice bath. 

  • The center becomes a sanctuary from which we practice techniques that are just challenging enough to enable self support.

Why Should You join this Peace Within Retreat

  • An all inclusive breath and meditation retreat in Uluwatu Bali

  • Learn effective techniques from a highly respected Master who has over 35 years of practice and almost 20 years teaching

  • New retreat centre designed specifically for Yoga and wellness retreats including sauna, cold plunge and pool, with luxury fittings

  • Breath, Pranayama, techniques designed to identify and release stress  

  • Mindfulness and Meditation techniques to move away from trauma response patterns to resume clarity and presence.

  • Easily relatable and memorable practices you can take home with you, meaning the benefits stay with you long after the retreat finishes.

  • Ideally set just after Bali Spirit Fest finishes, so if you're already in Bali this is for you...

Daily Schedule Example

  • Morning Sadhana of Breath and Mindfulness

  • Brunch (included)

  • Late Morning Workshop (either breath and/or mindfulness techniques)

  • Late afternoon light snack ( prior is free time for sauna, ice bath, poolside relaxation or nearby beach, or cafe)

  • Evening events vary, between guided meditations and gentle somatic awareness sessions

Salty Prana Retreat Center

A new retreat space on the Bhukit region of Bali, away from the densely built up areas of Ubud, Sanur, or Canggu, nearer to Uluwatu. The rooms are luxury appointed and facilities are brand new, including pool, panoramic scenic views, sauna and ice bath. And, of course, there is a comfortable relaxation area and two separate Yoga studios, one enclosed and air conditioned, the other open planned, both have panoramic, commanding and elevated, ocean views.

Rooms are either;

  • Share rooms of 2-3 people

  • Couple rooms

  • Single Occupancy.

Overview and Pricing

May 10th 14:00 - May 14th 12:00, 5 Day Retreat

Group Size:
Max 20 people

Accommodation, Breakfast / Brunch (Vegan, Vegetarian friendly), Pranayama and Breathwork Classes, Meditation and Mindfulness Classes, Daily Coconut, Yoga Mat and Props, Special Event, One Balinese Massage.

Not Included:
Airport transfers, Additional Meals, Extra Services or Treatments



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Salty Prana Retreat Center, Uluwatu


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Geoff Brooks


Yoga Trainer & Educator 📿

E-RYT 500


Byron Bay, Australia 2024 April

Ubud, Bali 2023 Dec - 2024 Apr

Europe 2024 May- Nov


"Live from your centre"


Yoga is a template designed for you to maintain connection with your true nature, and so the teacher has a responsibility to be a guide in order to assist you in achieving this.


While I teach and enjoy teaching all styles to all levels, ultimately I'm a Teacher's Teacher.


I believe the true hallmark of a teacher is to be relatable, personable and most importantly to contain a wealth of knowledge obtained from studying a variety of styles over a period of many years.


Ultimately I teach primarily according to the Yoga Sutras and utilise a variety of styles and 

techniques in order for the true purpose of Yoga to be experienced.


Years of practice: 30

Years teaching: 11







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